StatementCyberEvidence (CE) recognizes the importance of digital media. CE will treat all information, conclusions, and results of our investigation as privileged and confidential.


CyberEvidence, continues to be the recognized leader in digital investigations in the Houston area.

The concepts of digital data investigation and security will be an ever expanding part of the future.The need for professional, proficient and highly trained investigative resources dedicated to this fast developing industry is evident. CyberEvidence, Inc. addresses this need in three primary ways:

  1. providing clients with a range of digital data incident response, investigative and consulting services;
  2. providing industry leading training to individuals and organizations involved in digital and computer forensics; and
  3. developing partnerships with institutions of higher learning to help move the digital forensics industry into the academic mainstream.

Digital Forensics & Investigations
Computer Forensics
CyberEvidence, Inc. is the computer forensics expert of choice for law enforcement, private corporations, and attorneys for full service incident response, forensic data recovery, presentation, and expert witness testimony. Read more about digital forensics and investigations.
Integrated Solutions
Computer Forensics
CyberEvidence architecture allows for an extremely efficient monitoring solution that provides for end-to-end service level measurement. Read more about integrated digital solutions.

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CyberEvidence remains the Houston leader in Digital Investigations

CyberEvidence maintains a client list of some of Houston's top companies and Law Firms

CyberEvidence is a Texas Licensed Private Investigation Company - A11161

CyberEvidence has deployed investigators around the world

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