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Corporate Incident Response Services (CIRS) CIRS provides value based and volume based pricing for computer forensic and emergency response services. The service easily complements your company’s in-house IT incident response team or we can partner with your outsourced MSSP solution. Check out our new offering.
Incident Response - CyberEvidence, Inc


  • Qualified Incident and Forensic Responders Help Companies
    Recover From Incidents and Investigate for Causes and Evidence

  • Corporate Evidence Used To Recover Thousands to Millions

  • Professional Risk Management For All Digital Incidents

  • Expert Witnesses, Certified Forensic Examiners

  • Save Critical Time With Root-Cause Analysis

  • Security Breach Demands Effective Response And Prosecution

  • IT Staff Or Executives Have Direct Visibility And Authority

  • On- or Off-site Contract Service or Retained Specialists

  • Best Evidence Chain Of Custody In Case Of Litigation

  • Strict Accountability Ensures Case Confidentiality

  • Court-Proven Forensic Software

  • Experience And Technologies Save You Money!
    Ensure Maximum Findings in Minimum Time

  • Recover Deleted Files, E-Mails, and Internet Histories

  • Thorough Reports Present Evidence With Detailed
    Sequence of Actions, Dates Of Files, And Actual File Copies

  • Advise On Success Of Using Evidence In Law Suit
• Private Legal Profession

• Law Enforcement

• Corporations and
Private Companies

• Government Agencies

• Academia

Computer Forensic Experts


Computer Forensics

Computer Forensic Investigations for CorporationsCYBEREVIDENCE, INC.,
leverages its incident response experience to provide superior forensic capabilities including root-cause analysis, search and seizure response, detailed reports, and expert witness testimony!

helps minimize profit loss when companies experience a major incident involving digital media. From fraud to hacker attacks, lost productivity or loss of funds thru diversion can be stopped. Evidence can be used to recoup loss.

trains corporate and private sector 1st-responders alongside some of the world’s elite investigators.

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