Digital Forensics - Law Enforcement Support


  • Computer Forensic Experience To Help You Succeed

  • Service For Prosecutors Helps Ensure More Convictions

  • Expert Witnesses, Certified Forensic Examiners

  • Affordably Prosecute More Cases Using Computer Evidence

  • Flexibility To Investigate Computers Used By Suspects From Each Arrest, Not Just White Collar Cases

  • Advice On Digital Search And Seizures For All Crimes

  • Best Practices Chain Of Custody Rules

  • Strict Accountability Ensures Case Confidentiality

  • Court-Proven Forensic Software

  • Experience And Technologies Used Ensure Maximum Findings in Minimum Time

  • Recover Deleted Files, E-Mails, and Internet Histories

  • Thorough Reports Present Evidence With Detailed Sequence of Criminal Actions, Dates Of Files, And Actual File Copies

  • Advise Counsel On Validity And Success Using Evidence

  • All Levels of Prosecution Supported: Plea Bargains, Hearings, Criminal Trials and Appeals

  • Enhance Publicly Funded Forensic Labs With Our New Homeland Support Initiative for Law Enforcement Groups
• Private Legal Profession

• Law Enforcement

• Corporations and
Private Companies

• Government Agencies

• Academia

Computer Forensic Experts

Computer Forensics Crimes

will help you get more convictions and close more cases with immediate search and seizure capability, detailed reports, and reliable expert witness testimony!

has available a special prosecutor course and is a key trainer of the world’s elite investigators to
include federal, state and local law enforcement.

will help ensure you don’t lose your case to public lab backlogs. Some public labs have a 12-month
backlog and only have time to run one search for specific key word artifacts.


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