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Professional Computer Forensics Services

  • Benefit From Our Experience To Help You Leverage E-Discovery, Computer Forensics, and Data Recovery

  • Secure Proof Faster To Focus Time On Favorable Negotiations

  • Use Our Expert Witnesses, Certified Forensic Examiners

  • Affordably Manage And Use Computer Evidence In More Cases

  • Flexibility To Investigate Cyber Evidence In All Cases, Not Just White Collar Cases

  • Advice On Digital Seizures And Investigative Agreements

  • Best Practices, Chain Of Custody Rules

  • Strict Accountability Ensures Case Confidentiality

  • Court-Proven and NIST® Certified Forensic Software

  • Experience And Technologies Used Ensure Maximum Findings in Minimum Time

  • Recover Deleted Files, E-Mails, and Internet Histories

  • Thorough Reports Present Evidence With Detailed Sequence of Actions, Dates Of Files, And Actual File Copies

  • Advise Counsel On Success Using Digital Evidence

  • All Levels of Cases Supported—Arbitration, Mediation, Hearings, and Civil Trials

  • We stand behind our investigative findings and rely on our methodology to ferret out the truth and we will stand behind our findings in a court of law.

  • It is CyberEvidence, Inc. policy to not take opposing positions against government entities, but we can verify forensic data to determine evidential value
• Private Legal Profession

• Law Enforcement

• Corporations and
Private Companies

• Government Agencies

• Academia

Litigation Support

Computer Forensic Legal Issues

Litigation SupportCyberEvidence, Inc.,
will help you close more cases with immediate search and seizure capability, detailed reports, and reliable expert witness testimony!

CyberEvidence, Inc.,
works to increase your bottom line through thorough investigations, accurate findings, and better reports for quick settlements and arbitration hearings.

CyberEvidence, Inc.,
will help ensure you don’t lose your case to incomplete evidence. Many times attorneys have brought us data they thought couldn't help their case or was absent of the evidence and we were able to recover the proof for them.


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